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Procurement Jobs in Doha (Worley) – Senior Estimator

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Job Description:

Prepare and supervise the development and presentation of cost estimates for national and international projects in accordance with the approved procedures and supervise the team to ensure that it is equipped to provide the required services to Worley, and its customers

Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage Estimating Data – Establish the process to collect actual cost performance, condition and normalize data for future use, develop metrics and benchmarking information. Establish the process to store Estimate files in a consistent, secure location.
  • Translate the identified project scope and engineering deliverables into the estimate of capital expenditure costs composed of detailed MTOs matched with detailed pricing and construction unit hours (Type-3). Identify areas of uncertainty and apply appropriate allowances.
  • Develop Cost Estimate tracking
  • Formulate and validate methodologies for deriving quantities from design parameters.
  • Benchmarking of Estimates- Develop benchmarking packages at the appropriate level to check estimate results from top-down versus both internal and external comparable data. Work with IPA forms and reports to understand comparison of the project to industry datasets.
  • Develop Estimate Basis to document how the estimate was developed.
  • Develop Estimate Plan detailing how the estimate will be developed.
  • Development of detailed project cost forecasts (Type-4). Incorporation of project actual to date and detailed MTOs matched with detailed pricing and construction unit hours for to-go costs.
  • Link Risk Register to Cost estimate
  • Participate in cost and schedule risk analyses and provide mitigation proposals to the project teams. Provide cost engineering advice (including estimating, planning, cost control and risk analysis) to project teams and other stakeholders
  • Carry out cost/value assessments of engineering solutions and packages to enable design selection, together with execution and construction cost estimates
  • Perform scenario comparisons and uncertainty analysis and sensitivities on cost estimates, reflecting analysis of project risks. Manage reviews and assurance of cost estimates. Benchmark against historical performance, industry norms and established KPIs.
  • Utilize cost methodologies and tools to produce cost estimates for the individual parts of the scope and overall project inclusive of engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up scope and costs.
  • Prepare commercial proposals, supply bid evaluation services and negotiate support to the project teams with regard to cost estimating issues.
  • Incorporate project complexity factors into project estimates and assemble key input data such as project objectives, scope and execution plan.
  • Developing and maintaining Cost Estimates Type 1/2/3. Ensure alignment on project assumptions with cost engineering, project schedules, risk management and project management.
  • Ensure that all relevant regional factors are taken into account when preparing estimates by organizing and participating in location surveys and data research.

Job Requirements:

  • Ability to work and manage in a multi-cultural environment with good understanding of cost estimation parameters to be considered in Middle East.
  • Middle East experience for having worked on offshore projects, including marine spread, POBs on platforms.
  • Broad knowledge and experience of Cost Estimation tools and practices.
  • Conducting Productivity Analysis, Analysis of Market Forces, Bulk Material Pricing, Derivation of EPCM Services & Common Distributable,
  • Escalation Analysis, Bid Analysis and Contingency Analysis.
  • A full-time Bachelor of Engineering degree from an accredited university.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in Brown Field Oil and Gas Project Delivery as a Umbrella Contract Senior Cost Estimator
  • Experience in Construction Cost Estimates performed during shut down windows.
  • Skill to actively engage with different project disciplines
  • Minimum 12 years’ experience in Oil and Gas Industry in Cost Estimation roles. 4 years must be in Lead roles managing a team of cost estimators.
  • Mapping the Construction Works Area/Construction work packages for Estimate Development Plan during the initial phase of Estimate.
  • Sound knowledge for field installation workhours for estimates related to Onshore & Offshore – Piping, Pipeline, Mechanical, Civil, Structural, Electrical and Instrumentation works.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in Brown Field Oil and Gas related project delivery related projects
  • Hands On Capability to execute Probabilistic Analysis of Cost Estimates

Job Details:

Company: Worley

Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Job Location: Doha, Qatar

Application Deadline: N/A

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