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The Human Resource (HR) department is responsible for recruiting new talent for the organization. In addition, HR jobs are easily available as every organization needs a department for managing its employees. However, it is a common profession, yet it comes with a number of responsibilities, such as the selection process, evaluating candidates, dealing with employees, paying the salaries, bonuses, and making sure that newly hired employees are properly trained in order to assist with the day-to-day administration. HR is also responsible for resolving the important matters of the employees such as arranging for the medical panel to be provided to the employee’s family in case of emergencies. A wide variety of positions are available in this department such as HR Executive, Manager, Assistant Manager HR, Director Human Resources, etc. If you want to apply for these jobs, then you must possess decision-making ability along with excellent communication and leadership skills.

Listed below is a list of the most popular HR jobs that are available right

HR Jobs in Abu Dhabi 2024 (Hilton) – Recruiter


Job Responsibilities: In this role you would be responsible for creating strategic staffing approaches to attract a wide pool of qualified talent for the organization. You could be sourcing a PhD Plant Scientist one day and then helping with the …

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HR Jobs in Dubai, UAE – Plant Manager

Michael Page Careers

Job Description: The candidate should enforce the concept of operational team in his factory and should be able to train, develop individuals and to amplify potential expertise among his team. The FM should be able to localize the target jobs …

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HR Jobs in Sharjah 2024 – People BI Specialist


Job Description: We are looking for a  People BI Specialist  whose main focus areas are providing visibility and insights for people related issues through Business Intelligence tools like Tableau and SQL, managing data warehouses, building ETL processes, and helping build …

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