DBSA Vacancies – Business Analyst

  • Full Time
  • Midrand

Website Development Bank of Southern Africa - DBSA

Job Description:

To function at a proficient level as a liaison among stakeholders to elicit, investigate, analyse, understand, document, communicate and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies, information and information systems in the context of business challenges and opportunities and to recommend solutions that enable the DBSA (Development Bank of Southern Africa) to achieve its goals as a DFI (Development Finance Institution).

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develops a business analysis work-plan to manage own  and team activities, tasks, deliverables and schedule
  • Select appropriate business analysis approach
  • Evaluates project complexity, assumptions, constraints and dependencies
  • Plans requirements approval and change
  • Measures and tracks quality of business analysis work and reports on business analysis measurements
  • Improves business analysis performance by taking preventative and corrective action
  • Complies with and upholds organizational standards
  • Responds to changing organizational priorities
  • Manages changes to requirements in a consistent manner.
  • Leverages the uses of traceability to enable impact analysis, manage requirements risk and change
  • Identifies all stakeholders and determines stakeholder influence and relationship needs
  • Builds and manages stakeholder (internal and external) relationships.
  • Consistently ensures that requirements are ready for review by stakeholders
  • Develops effective communication plan to meet project and stakeholder needs
  • Identifies and communicates risks and issues that may require changes to plans or scope
  • Ensures appropriate stakeholder’s involvement in information gathering activities
  • Obtains (elicits) required information from stakeholders to design  solutions
  • Accurately translates stakeholder information into solution requirements
  • Validates stakeholder requirements to ensure it matches intended stakeholder needs
  • Differentiates between strategic and tactical business needs and goals to define achievable objectives and measures
  • Facilitates, with strategic guidance, stakeholder idea generation and accurately identifies alternative solutions, assumption and constraints
  • Describes, with strategic guidance, and selects a solution approach from a number of different options and assesses the organisation’s readiness for the proposed approach
  • Determines justification for investing into the proposed solution by collaboratively defining benefits and appropriate success measures
  • Ensures that information captured in different models is consistent and accurate
  • Develops acceptance criteria and a plan to evaluate the solutions
  • Facilitates acceptance of the solution and accurately ensures that the solution performs to meet the business requirements
  • Effectively communicates solution impact to stakeholders.

Job Requirements:

  • Degree in Information Technology or any relevant degree
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience as a Business Analyst
  • Process and Systems Methodology Fundamentals (e.g. SDLC, RAD, 8 Omega (DADVIICI, etc.)
  • Understanding data modelling and database design fundamentals
  • Understanding Information Systems Fundamentals
  • Test and Requirements Management Fundamentals
  • Writing of BRS (Business Requirements Specifications)
  • Writing of FS (Functional Requirements Specifications)
  • Advanced experience in planning and executing UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and RT (Regression Testing)
  • Multiple focus on projects, processes, systems or business areas linking effort to business value
  • Advanced business, product and services knowledge
  • Awareness of technologies ( ARIS, SAP, Microsoft Applications)
  • Experience in and understanding of business principles and fundamentals
  • Advanced knowledge and understanding of business process and software applications fundamentals
  • Experience in business and data modeling
  • Experience in dealing with multiple process and systems methodology application
  • Experience in Project Management
  • Thorough  understanding of data principles and applications
  • Excellent communication, analytical and problem solving skills with an eye to visualize and design for the future
  • Thorough understanding of business processes and technologies impact within the organisation

Job Details:

Company: Development Bank of Southern Africa – DBSA

Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Job Location: Midrand

Application Deadline: N/A

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