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Trans-Canada Air Lines was the original name of Air Canada when it was founded 84 years ago on the 10th of April 1937. This is the national airline of Canada and is the largest in terms of both its fleet and the number of passengers it transports across the country. Among its many services, one thing that makes this airline unique is the fact that it provides regular, commercial, and private flight services for passengers and freight from 207 different cities including Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Brampton, and all across the country. The major hubs of this airline are situated in Toronto–Pearson, Calgary, Montréal–Trudeau, and Vancouver, whereas, Halifax and Ottawa are the cities that this airline mainly serves.

Career Opportunities in Air Canada

Applying for Air Canada Jobs is an excellent choice for those who are looking to increase their income, gain experience, expand their horizons, develop their skills, and take advantage of the opportunity to travel to many different destinations. Having the opportunity to work in this company is quite enjoyable as well as rewarding every day. It is a company that provides a wide range of great benefits such as a 401k plan, a flexible work schedule, low-cost health insurance, retirement plans, travel privileges, compensation, time off to pursue your interests, and many other benefits. We have posted all the latest job positions which include Stewardesses, Flight Dispatcher, Avionics Technicians, Flight Attendants, Cabin Crew, Air Hostesses, Customer Service Representatives, and many more.

The list below contains the most relevant and high-demand Air Canada jobs currently available for job seekers.

Air Canada Jobs in Surrey – Planner

Air Canada Jobs

Job Description: Being part of Air Canada is to become part of an iconic Canadian symbol, recently ranked the best Airline in North America. Let your career take flight by joining our diverse and vibrant team at the leading edge …

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